1300 words

# Hanzi Pinyin Meaning
1 ǹ, ń, ňg, ň, ǹg, ńg final particle
2 shā kill, slaughter, murder; hurt
3 suǒ place, location; numerary adjunct
4 zhèng right, proper, correct
5 gǎo to clear, clarify
6 亲爱 qīn ài dear; beloved; darling
7 宝贝 bǎo bèi treasured object; treasure; darling; baby; cowry; good-for-nothing or queer character
8 qiāng spear, lance; gun, rifle
9 如何 rú hé how; what way; what
10 女士 nǚ shì lady; madam; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]; Miss; Ms
11 根本 gēn běn fundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all; CL:個|个[ge4]
12 确定 què dìng definite; certain; fixed; to fix (on sth); to determine; to be sure; to ensure; to make certain; to ascertain; to clinch; to recognize; to confirm; OK (on computer dialog box)
13 兄弟 xiōng dì brothers; younger brother; CL:個|个[ge4]; I, me (humble term used by men in public speech); brotherly; fraternal
14 zhuā scratch; clutch, seize, grab
15 或许 huò xǔ perhaps; maybe
16 jiù save, rescue, relieve; help, aid
17 唯一 wéi yī only; sole
18 表现 biǎo xiàn to show; to show off; to display; to manifest; expression; manifestation; show; display; performance (at work etc); behavior
19 pāi clap, tap, beat; beat or rhythm
20 dāi dull; dull-minded, simple, stupid
21 绝对 jué duì absolute; unconditional
22 整个 zhěng gè whole; entire; total
23 处理 chǔ lǐ to handle; to treat; to deal with; to process; to deal with a criminal case; to mete out punishment; to offer for sale at a reduced price; to punish
24 行动 xíng dòng operation; action; CL:個|个[ge4]; to move about; mobile
25 失去 shī qù to lose
26 pài school of thought, sect, branch
27 kào lean on, trust, depend on; near
28 作为 zuò wéi one's conduct; deed; activity; accomplishment; achievement; to act as; as (in the capacity of); qua; to view as; to look upon (sth as); to take sth to be
29 曾经 céng jīng once; already; former; previously; ever; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
30 总统 zǒng tǒng president (of a country); CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2],屆|届[jie4]
31 伤害 shāng hài to injure; to harm
32 控制 kòng zhì control; to exercise control over; to contain
33 tōu to steal, burglar, thief
34 shǒu head; first; leader, chief; a poem
35 sound of laughter
36 糟糕 zāo gāo too bad; how terrible; what bad luck; terrible; bad
37 保持 bǎo chí to keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve
38 证据 zhèng jù evidence; proof; testimony
39 事实 shì shí fact; CL:個|个[ge4]
40 家庭 jiā tíng family; household; CL:戶|户[hu4],個|个[ge4]
41 zhuāng dress, clothes, attire; fill
42 秘密 mì mì secret; CL:個|个[ge4]
43 简直 jiǎn zhí simply; at all; practically
44 的确 dí què really; indeed
45 xuè, xiě blood; radical number 143
46 方式 fāng shì way; manner; style; mode; pattern; CL:個|个[ge4]
47 qiáo glance at, look at, see
48 疯狂 fēng kuáng crazy; frantic; extreme popularity
49 piàn, piān slice, splinter, strip; rad. 91
50 记录 jì lù to record; record (written account); note-taker; record (in sports etc); CL:個|个[ge4]
51 太太 tài tai married woman; Mrs.; Madam; wife; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
52 除非 chú fēi only if (..., or otherwise, ...); only when; only in the case that; unless
53 shǎ foolish, silly, stupid; an imbecile
54 阻止 zǔ zhǐ to prevent; to block
55 想象 xiǎng xiàng to imagine; to fancy; CL:個|个[ge4]
56 完美 wán měi perfect; perfection; perfectly
57 gram; overcome; transliteration
58 目标 mù biāo target; goal; objective; CL:個|个[ge4]
59 精神 jīng shen vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual
60 pèng collide, bump into
61 系统 xì tǒng system; CL:個|个[ge4]
62 gǔn turn
63 报告 bào gào to inform; to report; to make known; report; speech; talk; lecture; CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4],個|个[ge4],通[tong4]
64 人类 rén lèi humanity; human race; mankind
65 chōng, chòng soar; pour boiling water over
66 自由 zì yóu freedom; free; liberty; CL:個|个[ge4]
67 tào case, cover, wrapper, envelope
68 姑娘 gū niang girl; young woman; young lady; daughter; paternal aunt (old); CL:個|个[ge4]
69 必要 bì yào necessary; essential; indispensable; required
70 手术 shǒu shù (surgical) operation; surgery; CL:個|个[ge4]
71 痛苦 tòng kǔ pain; suffering; painful; CL:個|个[ge4]
72 存在 cún zài to exist; to be; existence
73 class; section, department
74 以及 yǐ jí as well as; too; and
75 个人 gè rén individual; personal; oneself
76 代表 dài biǎo representative; delegate; CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4],名[ming2]; to represent; to stand for; on behalf of; in the name of
77 意义 yì yì sense; meaning; significance; importance; CL:個|个[ge4]
78 承认 chéng rèn to admit; to concede; to recognize; recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc); to acknowledge
79 理由 lǐ yóu reason; grounds; justification; CL:個|个[ge4]
80 显然 xiǎn rán clear; evident; obvious(ly)
81 政府 zhèng fǔ government; CL:個|个[ge4]
82 幸运 xìng yùn fortunate; lucky; fortune; luck
83 信任 xìn rèn to trust; to have confidence in
84 未来 wèi lái future; tomorrow; CL:個|个[ge4]; approaching; coming; pending
85 gēn root, base(d on); foundation
86 xià scare, frighten; intimidate
87 治疗 zhì liáo to treat (an illness); medical treatment; therapy
88 行为 xíng wéi action; conduct; behavior; activity
89 婚礼 hūn lǐ wedding ceremony; wedding; CL:場|场[chang3]
90 组织 zǔ zhī to organize; organization; (biology) tissue; (textiles) weave; CL:個|个[ge4]
91 老板 lǎo bǎn variant of 老闆|老板[lao3 ban3]; Robam (brand); boss; business proprietor; CL:個|个[ge4]
92 合作 hé zuò to cooperate; to collaborate; to work together; cooperation; CL:個|个[ge4]
93 zhī disperse, pay; support; branch
94 老婆 lǎo pó (coll.) wife
95 中心 zhōng xīn center; heart; core; CL:個|个[ge4]
96 可怕 kě pà awful; dreadful; fearful; formidable; frightful; scary; hideous; horrible; terrible; terribly
97 明显 míng xiǎn clear; distinct; obvious
98 消失 xiāo shī to disappear; to fade away
99 位置 wèi zhi position; place; seat; CL:個|个[ge4]
100 答应 dā ying to answer; to respond; to answer positively; to agree; to accept; to promise
101 zhuàng knock against, bump into, collide
102 似乎 sì hū apparently; to seem; to appear; as if; seemingly
103 力量 lì liang power; force; strength
104 命令 mìng lìng order; command; CL:道[dao4],個|个[ge4]
105 威胁 wēi xié to threaten; to menace
106 日子 rì zi day; a (calendar) date; days of one's life
107 享受 xiǎng shòu to enjoy; to live it up; pleasure; CL:種|种[zhong3]
108 战争 zhàn zhēng war; conflict; CL:場|场[chang2],次[ci4]
109 恭喜 gōng xǐ congratulations; greetings
110 利用 lì yòng to exploit; to make use of; to use; to take advantage of; to utilize
111 hèn hatred, dislike; resent, hate
112 训练 xùn liàn to train; to drill; training; CL:個|个[ge4]
113 酒吧 jiǔ bā bar; pub; saloon; CL:家[jia1]
114 身份 shēn fèn identity; status; capacity; dignity; position; rank
115 模特 mó tè (fashion) model (loanword)
116 一旦 yī dàn in case (sth happens); if; once (sth happens, then...); when; in a short time; in one day
117 zhuī pursue, chase after; expel
118 qún (same as U+7FA3 羣) group, crowd, multitude, mob
119 面对 miàn duì to confront; to face
120 居然 jū rán unexpectedly; to one's surprise; go so far as to
121 léi thunder
122 真实 zhēn shí true; real
123 人生 rén shēng life (one's time on earth)
124 受伤 shòu shāng to sustain injuries; wounded (in an accident etc); harmed
125 night, dark; in night; by night
126 属于 shǔ yú to be classified as; to belong to; to be part of
127 出色 chū sè remarkable; outstanding
128 目前 mù qián at the present time; currently
129 梦想 mèng xiǎng (fig.) to dream of; dream
130 suǒ lock, padlock; shackles, chains
131 人员 rén yuán staff; crew; personnel; CL:個|个[ge4]
132 英雄 yīng xióng hero; CL:個|个[ge4]
133 感受 gǎn shòu to sense; perception; to feel (through the senses); to experience; a feeling; an impression; an experience
134 wěn kiss; the lips; coinciding
135 táo escape, flee; abscond, dodge
136 shù, shǔ number; several, count; fate
137 公寓 gōng yù apartment building; block of flats; CL:套[tao4]
138 文件 wén jiàn document; file; CL:份[fen4]
139 寻找 xún zhǎo to seek; to look for
140 làn rotten, spoiled, decayed
141 不然 bù rán not so; no; or else; otherwise; if not; How about ...?
142 qiàn, qian owe, lack, be deficient; KangXi radical number 76
143 反应 fǎn yìng to react; to respond; reaction; response; reply; chemical reaction; CL:個|个[ge4]
144 意外 yì wài unexpected; accident; mishap; CL:個|个[ge4]
145 食物 shí wù food; CL:種|种[zhong3]
146 遗憾 yí hàn regret; to regret; to be sorry that
147 反正 fǎn zhèng anyway; in any case; to come over from the enemy's side
148 设计 shè jì plan; design; to design; to plan; CL:個|个[ge4]
149 zuì intoxicated, drunk; addicted to
150 私人 sī rén private; personal; interpersonal; sb with whom one has a close personal relationship; a member of one's clique
151 mǒu certain thing or person
152 伟大 wěi dà huge; great; grand; worthy of the greatest admiration; important (contribution etc)
153 chòu smell, stink, emit foul odor
154 自从 zì cóng since (a time); ever since
155 qiān sign, endorse; slip of paper
156 grain, kernel
157 cháo dynasty; morning
158 呼吸 hū xī to breathe
159 明星 míng xīng star; celebrity
160 超级 chāo jí super-; ultra-; hyper-
161 破坏 pò huài destruction; damage; to wreck; to break; to destroy
162 角色 jué sè role; character in a novel; persona; also pr. [jiao3 se4]
163 dùn pause, stop; bow, kowtow; arrange
164 便 biàn convenience, ease; expedient
165 包括 bāo kuò to comprise; to include; to involve; to incorporate; to consist of
166 时刻 shí kè time; juncture; moment; period of time; CL:個|个[ge4],段[duan4]; constantly; always
167 相当 xiāng dāng equivalent to; appropriate; considerably; to a certain extent; fairly; quite
168 wén hear; smell; make known; news
169 公平 gōng píng fair; impartial
170 duī heap, pile, crowd; pile up
171 俱乐部 jù lè bù club (the organisation or its premises) (loanword); CL:個|个[ge4]
172 通常 tōng cháng regular; usual; normal; usually; normally
173 yǎo bite, gnaw
174 造成 zào chéng to bring about; to create; to cause
175 信号 xìn hào signal
176 充满 chōng mǎn full of; brimming with; very full; permeated
177 duàn sever, cut off; interrupt
178 qiǎng plunder, rob, take by force
179 现实 xiàn shí reality; actuality; real; actual; realistic; pragmatic; materialistic; self-interested
180 恢复 huī fù to reinstate; to resume; to restore; to recover; to regain; to rehabilitate
181 怀孕 huái yùn pregnant; to have conceived; gestation; pregnancy
182 确认 què rèn to confirm; to verify; confirmation
183 资料 zī liào material; resources; data; information; profile (Internet); CL:份[fen4],個|个[ge4]
184 婚姻 hūn yīn matrimony; wedding; marriage; CL:樁|桩[zhuang1],次[ci4]
185 quān, juàn to circle; a circle; corral
186 脑袋 nǎo dài head; skull; brains; mental capability; CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]
187 分手 fēn shǒu to part company; to split up; to break up
188 心理 xīn lǐ psychology; mentality
189 xiàng neck, nape of neck; sum; funds
190 记忆 jì yì to remember; to recall; memory; CL:個|个[ge4]
191 紧急 jǐn jí urgent; emergency
192 接近 jiē jìn to approach; to get close to
193 chǎo argue, dispute; disturb, annoy
194 权利 quán lì right (i.e. an entitlement to sth); (classical) power and wealth
195 冠军 guàn jūn champion; CL:個|个[ge4]
196 教练 jiào liàn instructor; sports coach; trainer; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
197 对方 duì fāng counterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party
198 随时 suí shí at any time; at all times; at the right time
199 敌人 dí rén enemy; CL:個|个[ge4]
200 bèi, bēi back; back side; behind; betray
201 人物 rén wù person; character (in a play, novel etc); protagonist; CL:個|个[ge4]
202 zhū pig, hog, wild boar
203 感激 gǎn jī to be grateful; to appreciate; thankful
204 jià to marry, give a daughter in marriage
205 挑战 tiǎo zhàn to challenge; challenge
206 fēi not, negative, non-; oppose
207 状态 zhuàng tài state of affairs; state; mode; situation; CL:個|个[ge4]
208 报道 bào dào to report (news); report; CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4]
209 参与 cān yù to participate (in sth)
210 彼此 bǐ cǐ each other; one another
211 到达 dào dá to reach; to arrive
212 显示 xiǎn shì to show; to illustrate; to display; to demonstrate
213 立刻 lì kè forthwith; immediate; prompt; promptly; straightway; thereupon; at once
214 tǔ, tù vomit, spew out, cough up
215 取消 qǔ xiāo to cancel; cancellation
216 离婚 lí hūn to divorce; divorced from (one's spouse)
217 等待 děng dài to wait; to wait for
218 尽力 jìn lì to strive one's hardest; to spare no effort
219 庆祝 qìng zhù to celebrate
220 假装 jiǎ zhuāng to feign; to pretend
221 chuī blow; puff; brag, boast
222 在乎 zài hu to care about; equivalent of 在於|在于[zai4 yu2]
223 状况 zhuàng kuàng condition; state; situation; CL:個|个[ge4]
224 心脏 xīn zàng heart; CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]
225 似的 shì de seems as if; rather like; Taiwan pr. [si4 de5]
226 国王 guó wáng king; CL:個|个[ge4]
227 项目 xiàng mù item; project; (sports) event; CL:個|个[ge4]
228 实话 shí huà truth
229 集中 jí zhōng to concentrate; to centralize; to focus; centralized; concentrated; to put together
230 表情 biǎo qíng (facial) expression; to express one's feelings; expression
231 冒险 mào xiǎn to take risks; to take chances; foray; adventure
232 胜利 shèng lì victory; CL:個|个[ge4]
233 guān official, public servant
234 zhí straight, erect, vertical
235 期待 qī dài to look forward to; to await; expectation
236 保险 bǎo xiǎn insurance; to insure; safe; secure; be sure; be bound to; CL:份[fen4]
237 单独 dān dú alone; by oneself; on one's own
238 专家 zhuān jiā expert; specialist; CL:個|个[ge4]
239 赶快 gǎn kuài at once; immediately
240 风格 fēng gé style
241 机器 jī qì machine; CL:臺|台[tai2],部[bu4],個|个[ge4]
242 尽快 jìn kuài see 儘快|尽快[jin3 kuai4]
243 fāng, fang a square, rectangle; a region; local
244 价值 jià zhí value; worth; fig. values (ethical, cultural etc); CL:個|个[ge4]
245 qiè, qiē cut, mince, slice, carve
246 qiáng wall
247 彻底 chè dǐ thorough; thoroughly; complete
248 fān flip over, upset, capsize
249 bǎi put, place; display; swing, sway
250 请求 qǐng qiú to request; to ask; request; CL:個|个[ge4]
251 命运 mìng yùn fate; destiny; CL:個|个[ge4]
252 特殊 tè shū special; particular; unusual; extraordinary
253 老实 lǎo shi honest; sincere; well-behaved; open and guileless; naive
254 士兵 shì bīng soldier; CL:個|个[ge4]
255 年代 nián dài a decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties); age; era; period; CL:個|个[ge4]
256 以来 yǐ lái since (a previous event)
257 制造 zhì zào to manufacture; to make
258 屋子 wū zi house; room; CL:間|间[jian1]
259 退 tuì step back, retreat, withdraw
260 戒指 jiè zhi (finger) ring
261 dòng cave, grotto; ravine; hole
262 作品 zuò pǐn work (of art); opus; CL:部[bu4],篇[pian1]
263 rule, law, regulation; grades
264 去世 qù shì to pass away; to die
265 规则 guī zé rule; regulation; rules and regulations
266 说服 shuō fú to persuade; to convince; to talk sb over; Taiwan pr. [shui4 fu2]
267 产生 chǎn shēng to arise; to come into being; to come about; to give rise to; to bring into being; to bring about; to produce; to engender; to generate; to appear; appearance; emergence; generation; production; yield
268 cotton cloth, textiles, linen
269 接触 jiē chù to touch; to contact; access; in touch with
270 时代 shí dài Time, US weekly news magazine; age; era; epoch; period (in one's life); CL:個|个[ge4]
271 卡车 kǎ chē truck; CL:輛|辆[liang4]
272 规矩 guī ju lit. compass and set square; fig. established standard; rule; customs; practices; fig. upright and honest; well-behaved
273 部门 bù mén department; branch; section; division; CL:個|个[ge4]
274 基本 jī běn basic; fundamental; main; elementary
275 分析 fēn xī to analyze; analysis; CL:個|个[ge4]
276 地区 dì qū local; regional; district (not necessarily formal administrative unit); region; area; as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture-level city or county level city); CL:個|个[ge4]
277 导致 dǎo zhì to lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about
278 主人 zhǔ rén master; host; owner; CL:個|个[ge4]
279 对待 duì dài to treat; treatment
280 宣布 xuān bù to declare; to announce; to proclaim
281 空间 kōng jiān space; room; (fig.) scope; leeway; (astronomy) outer space; (physics, math.) space
282 想念 xiǎng niàn to miss; to remember with longing; to long to see again
283 chǎo fry, saute, roast, boil, cook
284 程序 chéng xù procedures; sequence; order; computer program
285 创造 chuàng zào to create; to bring about; to produce; to set (a record)
286 情绪 qíng xù mood; state of mind; moodiness; CL:種|种[zhong3]
287 尽量 jǐn liàng as much as possible; to the greatest extent
288 chēng, chèn call; name, brand; address; say
289 范围 fàn wéi range; scope; limit; extent; CL:個|个[ge4]
290 亲自 qīn zì personally; in person; oneself
291 石头 shí tou stone; CL:塊|块[kuai4]
292 细节 xì jié details; particulars
293 dǐng top, summit, peak; to carry on the head
294 道理 dào li reason; argument; sense; principle; basis; justification; CL:個|个[ge4]
295 运气 yùn qi luck (good or bad)
296 hǎn shout, call out, yell; howl; cry
297 制作 zhì zuò to make; to manufacture
298 相处 xiāng chǔ to be in contact (with sb); to associate; to interact; to get along (well, poorly)
299 度过 dù guò to pass; to spend (time); to survive; to get through
300 奇迹 qí jì miracle; miraculous; wonder; marvel
301 媒体 méi tǐ media, esp. news media
302 赶紧 gǎn jǐn hurriedly; without delay
303 bolt of cloth; counter for horses
304 建立 jiàn lì to establish; to set up; to found
305 无所谓 wú suǒ wèi to be indifferent; not to matter; cannot be said to be
306 表达 biǎo dá to express; to convey
307 一辈子 yī bèi zi (for) a lifetime
308 实现 shí xiàn to achieve; to implement; to realize; to bring about
309 神秘 shén mì mysterious; mystery
310 政治 zhèng zhì politics; political
311 巨大 jù dà huge; immense; very large; tremendous; gigantic; enormous
312 对手 duì shǒu opponent; rival; competitor; (well-matched) adversary; match
313 刺激 cì jī to provoke; to irritate; to upset; to stimulate; to excite; irritant
314 píng lean on, depend on, rely on
315 废话 fèi huà nonsense; rubbish; superfluous words; You don't say!; No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
316 掌握 zhǎng wò to grasp (often fig.); to control; to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny); to master; to know well; to understand sth well and know how to use it; fluency
317 脖子 bó zi neck; CL:個|个[ge4]
318 玩具 wán jù plaything; toy
319 满足 mǎn zú to satisfy; to meet (the needs of); satisfied; content
320 传统 chuán tǒng tradition; traditional; convention; conventional; CL:個|个[ge4]
321 niàn think of, recall, study
322 和平 hé píng Heping district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning; Hoping township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县[Tai2 zhong1 xian4], Taiwan; peace; peaceful
323 欣赏 xīn shǎng to appreciate; to enjoy; to admire
324 重复 chóng fù to repeat; to duplicate; CL:個|个[ge4]; variant of 重複|重复[chong2 fu4]
325 支票 zhī piào check (bank); cheque; CL:本[ben3]
326 理论 lǐ lùn theory; CL:個|个[ge4]; to argue; to take notice of
327 年纪 nián jì age; CL:把[ba3],個|个[ge4]
328 角度 jiǎo dù angle; point of view
329 观察 guān chá to observe; to watch; to survey; to examine; observation; view; perspective; CL:個|个[ge4]
330 老鼠 lǎo shǔ rat; mouse; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
331 lóng dragon; symbolic of emperor
332 gài cover, hide, protect
333 移动 yí dòng to move; movement; migration; mobile; portable
334 不断 bù duàn unceasing; uninterrupted; continuous; constant
335 公主 gōng zhǔ princess
336 huá, hua slip, slide; slippery, polished
337 mō, mo gently touch with hand; caress
338 思考 sī kǎo to reflect on; to ponder over
339 关闭 guān bì to close; to shut
340 幻想 huàn xiǎng delusion; fantasy
341 伙伴 huǒ bàn partner; companion; comrade
342 shuǎi throw away, discard
343 chā insert, stick into; plant
344 达到 dá dào to reach; to achieve; to attain
345 总之 zǒng zhī in a word; in short; in brief
346 liàng, liang bright, brilliant, radiant, light
347 suì break, smash; broken, busted
348 程度 chéng dù degree (level or extent); level; CL:個|个[ge4]
349 在于 zài yú to be in; to lie in; to consist in; to depend on; to rest with
350 教训 jiào xun lesson; moral; to chide sb; to lecture sb
351 权力 quán lì power; authority
352 稳定 wěn dìng steady; stable; stability; to stabilize; to pacify
353 尊敬 zūn jìng to respect; to revere
354 坚强 jiān qiáng staunch; strong
355 数据 shù jù data; numbers; digital
356 玻璃 bō li glass; CL:張|张[zhang1],塊|块[kuai4]; (slang) male homosexual
357 勇气 yǒng qì courage; valor
358 员工 yuán gōng staff; personnel; employee
359 好奇 hào qí inquisitive; curious; inquisitiveness; curiosity
360 了不起 liǎo bu qǐ amazing; terrific; extraordinary
361 假设 jiǎ shè to suppose; to presume; to assume; supposing that ...; if; hypothesis; conjecture
362 kǎn hack, chop, cut, fell
363 借口 jiè kǒu to use as an excuse; on the pretext; excuse; pretext
364 土地 tǔ dì land; soil; territory; CL:片[pian4],塊|块[kuai4]
365 píng flat, level, even; peaceful
366 抱怨 bào yuàn to complain; to grumble; to harbor a complaint; to feel dissatisfied
367 承受 chéng shòu to bear; to support; to inherit
368 时尚 shí shàng fashion; fad; fashionable
369 病毒 bìng dú virus
370 设备 shè bèi equipment; facilities; installations; CL:個|个[ge4]
371 yìng hard, firm, strong; obstinate
372 marry, take wife
373 投资 tóu zī investment; to invest
374 过分 guò fèn excessive; undue; overly
375 一致 yī zhì unanimous; identical (views or opinions)
376 对象 duì xiàng target; object; partner; boyfriend; girlfriend; CL:個|个[ge4]
377 魅力 mèi lì charm; fascination; glamor; charisma
378 实验 shí yàn experiment; test; CL:個|个[ge4],次[ci4]; experimental; to experiment
379 恋爱 liàn ài (romantic) love; CL:個|个[ge4],場|场[chang3]; in love; to have an affair
380 话题 huà tí subject (of a talk or conversation); topic
381 市场 shì chǎng marketplace; market (also in abstract)
382 tuán sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump
383 建筑 jiàn zhù to construct; building; CL:個|个[ge4]
384 损失 sǔn shī loss; damage; CL:個|个[ge4]; to lose; to suffer damage
385 王子 wáng zǐ prince; son of a king
386 自豪 zì háo proud (of one's achievements etc)
387 投入 tóu rù to throw into; to put into; to throw oneself into; to participate in; to invest in; absorbed; engrossed
388 成熟 chéng shú mature; ripe; to mature; to ripen; Taiwan pr. [cheng2 shou2]
389 表明 biǎo míng to make clear; to make known; to state clearly; to indicate; known
390 piece, strip, breadth of, hem
391 工具 gōng jù tool; instrument; utensil; means (to achieve a goal etc)
392 骨头 gǔ tou bone; CL:根[gen1],塊|块[kuai4]; moral character; bitterness
393 cǎi step on
394 假如 jiǎ rú if
395 合同 hé tong (business) contract; CL:個|个[ge4]
396 争取 zhēng qǔ to fight for; to strive for; to win over
397 xiōng breast, bosom, chest; thorax
398 当地 dāng dì local
399 微笑 wēi xiào smile; CL:個|个[ge4],絲|丝[si1]; to smile
400 出口 chū kǒu an exit; CL:個|个[ge4]; to speak; to export; (of a ship) to leave port
401 shé snake
402 guāi rebel; crafty, shrewd
403 内部 nèi bù interior; inside (part, section); internal
404 姿势 zī shì posture; position
405 xì, xi system; line, link, connection
406 xiā blind, reckless; rash
407 卧室 wò shì bedroom; CL:間|间[jian1]
408 手指 shǒu zhǐ finger; CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
409 āi interjection of surprise
410 资格 zī gé qualifications; seniority
411 辞职 cí zhí to resign
412 合法 hé fǎ lawful; legitimate; legal
413 工厂 gōng chǎng factory; CL:家[jia1],座[zuo4]
414 搜索 sōu suǒ to search (a place); to search (a database etc)
415 独立 dú lì independent; independence; to stand alone
416 决赛 jué sài finals (of a competition)
417 网络 wǎng luò Internet; network (computing, telecommunications, transport etc)
418 毛病 máo bìng fault; defect; shortcomings; ailment; CL:個|个[ge4]
419 yūn halo in sky; fog; dizzy, faint
420 公开 gōng kāi public; to publish; to make public
421 观点 guān diǎn point of view; viewpoint; standpoint; CL:個|个[ge4]
422 说不定 shuō bu dìng can't say for sure; maybe
423 交换 jiāo huàn to exchange; to swap; to switch (telecom); commutative (math); to commute
424 万一 wàn yī just in case; if by any chance; contingency
425 拥抱 yōng bào to embrace; to hug
426 发明 fā míng to invent; an invention; CL:個|个[ge4]
427 思想 sī xiǎng thought; thinking; idea; ideology; CL:個|个[ge4]
428 组合 zǔ hé to assemble; to combine; to compose; combination; association; set; compilation; (math.) combinatorial
429 重大 zhòng dà great; important; major; significant
430 针对 zhēn duì to target; to focus on; to be aimed at or against; in response to
431 具体 jù tǐ concrete; definite; specific
432 领导 lǐng dǎo lead; leading; to lead; leadership; leader; CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4]
433 主题 zhǔ tí theme; subject
434 牙齿 yá chǐ tooth; dental; CL:顆|颗[ke1]
435 主任 zhǔ rèn director; head; CL:個|个[ge4]
436 rào, rǎo entwine; wind around; surround
437 驾驶 jià shǐ to pilot (ship, airplane etc); to drive
438 应付 yìng fu to deal with; to cope
439 财产 cái chǎn property; assets; estate; CL:筆|笔[bi3]
440 吵架 chǎo jià to quarrel; to have a row; quarrel; CL:頓|顿[dun4]
441 服装 fú zhuāng dress; clothing; costume; clothes; CL:身[shen1]
442 高级 gāo jí high level; high grade; advanced; high-ranking
443 dǎng obstruct, impede; stop; resist
444 欧洲 ōu zhōu Europe; abbr. for 歐羅巴洲|欧罗巴洲[Ou1 luo2 ba1 Zhou1]
445 风险 fēng xiǎn risk; hazard
446 个性 gè xìng individuality; personality
447 后果 hòu guǒ consequences; aftermath
448 交往 jiāo wǎng to associate (with); to have contact (with); to hang out (with); to date; (interpersonal) relationship; association; contact
449 立即 lì jí immediately
450 避免 bì miǎn to avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from
451 保留 bǎo liú to keep; to retain; to have reservations (about sth); to hold back (from saying sth); to put aside for later
452 comment, criticize; wholesale
453 jiǎn to pick up
454 持续 chí xù to continue; to persist; sustainable; preservation
455 猴子 hóu zi monkey; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
456 采取 cǎi qǔ to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take
457 shēng arise, go up; hoist; advance
458 类型 lèi xíng type; category; genre; form; style
459 合理 hé lǐ rational; reasonable; fair
460 金属 jīn shǔ metal; CL:種|种[zhong3]
461 àn dark; obscure; in secret, covert
462 期间 qī jiān period of time; time; time period; period; CL:個|个[ge4]
463 产品 chǎn pǐn goods; merchandise; product; CL:個|个[ge4]
464 精力 jīng lì energy
465 退休 tuì xiū to retire; retirement (from work)
466 胡说 hú shuō to talk nonsense; drivel
467 指挥 zhǐ huī to conduct; to command; to direct; conductor (of an orchestra); CL:個|个[ge4]
468 chǒu clown, comedian; 2nd terrestrial branch
469 法院 fǎ yuàn court of law; court
470 自动 zì dòng automatic; voluntarily
471 依然 yī rán still; as before
472 平静 píng jìng tranquil; undisturbed; serene
473 dūn squat, crouch; idle about
474 发表 fā biǎo to issue; to publish
475 演讲 yǎn jiǎng lecture; to make a speech
476 drip; drop of water
477 jiè warn, caution, admonish
478 成长 chéng zhǎng to mature; to grow; growth
479 深刻 shēn kè profound; deep; deep-going
480 huà, huá to row or paddle boat; to scratch
481 光临 guāng lín (formal) to honor with one's presence; to attend
482 shī poetry; poem, verse, ode
483 zhàn divine; observe; versify
484 alas, exclamation of surprise or pain
485 背景 bèi jǐng background; backdrop; context; (fig.) powerful backer; CL:種|种[zhong3]
486 救护车 jiù hù chē ambulance; CL:輛|辆[liang4]
487 模仿 mó fǎng to imitate; to copy; to emulate; to mimic; model
488 采访 cǎi fǎng to interview; to gather news; to hunt for and collect; to cover
489 评价 píng jià to evaluate; to assess
490 强烈 qiáng liè intense; (violently) strong
491 zhēng, zhèng strive, endeavor, struggle
492 否认 fǒu rèn to declare to be untrue; to deny
493 违反 wéi fǎn to violate (a law)
494 阶段 jiē duàn stage; section; phase; period; CL:個|个[ge4]
495 逃避 táo bì to escape; to evade; to avoid; to shirk
496 频道 pín dào frequency; (television) channel
497 传说 chuán shuō legend; folklore; to repeat from mouth to mouth; they say that...
498 时期 shí qī period; phase; CL:個|个[ge4]
499 物质 wù zhì matter; substance; material; materialistic; CL:個|个[ge4]
500 shēn extend, stretch out, open up; trust
501 射击 shè jī to shoot; to fire (a gun)
502 愿望 yuàn wàng desire; wish
503 事物 shì wù thing; object; CL:個|个[ge4]
504 兔子 tù zi hare; rabbit; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
505 形象 xíng xiàng image; form; figure; CL:個|个[ge4]; visualization; vivid
506 绳子 shéng zi cord; string; rope; CL:條|条[tiao2]
507 发挥 fā huī to display; to exhibit; to bring out implicit or innate qualities; to express (a thought or moral); to develop (an idea); to elaborate (on a theme)
508 倒霉 dǎo méi to have bad luck; to be out of luck
509 纪念 jì niàn to commemorate; to remember; CL:個|个[ge4]
510 毕竟 bì jìng after all; all in all; when all is said and done; in the final analysis
511 道德 dào dé virtue; morality; ethics; CL:種|种[zhong3]
512 安慰 ān wèi to comfort; to console; CL:個|个[ge4]
513 肌肉 jī ròu muscle; flesh
514 娱乐 yú lè to entertain; to amuse; entertainment; recreation; amusement; hobby; fun; joy
515 zhēng open eyes; stare
516 经典 jīng diǎn the classics; scriptures; classical; classic (example, case etc); typical
517 显得 xiǎn de to seem; to look; to appear
518 进步 jìn bù progress; improvement; to improve; to progress; CL:個|个[ge4]
519 追求 zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly; to seek after; to woo
520 敏感 mǐn gǎn sensitive; susceptible
521 chèn take advantage of, avail oneself
522 博物馆 bó wù guǎn museum
523 遵守 zūn shǒu to comply with; to abide by; to respect (an agreement)
524 zhǔ cook
525 承担 chéng dān to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)
526 chāi to break up, split apart, rip open; to destroy
527 天空 tiān kōng sky
528 至于 zhì yú as for; as to; to go so far as to
529 登记 dēng jì to register (one's name)
530 accuse, blame, curse, scold
531 指导 zhǐ dǎo to guide; to give directions; to direct; to coach; guidance; tuition; CL:個|个[ge4]
532 不安 bù ān unpeaceful; unstable; uneasy; disturbed; restless; worried
533 相关 xiāng guān related; relevant; pertinent; to be interrelated; (statistics) correlation
534 身材 shēn cái stature; build (height and weight); figure
535 讽刺 fěng cì to satirize; to mock; irony; satire; sarcasm
536 抓紧 zhuā jǐn to grasp firmly; to pay special attention to; to rush in; to make the most of
537 yuán circle; round, circular; complete
538 沉默 chén mò taciturn; uncommunicative; silent
539 严肃 yán sù solemn; grave; serious; earnest; severe
540 称呼 chēng hu to call; to address as; appellation
541 配合 pèi hé matching; fitting in with; compatible with; to correspond; to fit; to conform to; rapport; to coordinate with; to act in concert with; to cooperate; to become man and wife; to combine parts of machine
542 标志 biāo zhì sign; mark; symbol; logo; to symbolize; to indicate; to mark
543 dòu tempt, allure, arouse, stir
544 平常 píng cháng ordinary; common; usually; ordinarily
545 yáo wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
546 完整 wán zhěng complete; intact
547 宣传 xuān chuán to disseminate; to give publicity to; propaganda; CL:個|个[ge4]
548 肩膀 jiān bǎng shoulder
549 谈判 tán pàn to negotiate; negotiation; talks; conference; CL:個|个[ge4]
550 隔壁 gé bì next door; neighbor
551 商业 shāng yè business; trade; commerce
552 自私 zì sī selfish; selfishness
553 沙漠 shā mò desert; CL:個|个[ge4]
554 亿 hundred million; many
555 手套 shǒu tào glove; mitten; CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
556 等于 děng yú to equal; to be tantamount to
557 面临 miàn lín to face sth; to be confronted with
558 当心 dāng xīn to take care; to look out
559 出席 chū xí to attend; to participate; present
560 经营 jīng yíng to engage in (business etc); to run; to operate
561 课程 kè chéng course; academic program; CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2],門|门[men2]
562 字母 zì mǔ letter (of the alphabet); CL:個|个[ge4]
563 项链 xiàng liàn necklace; CL:條|条[tiao2]
564 quàn recommend, advise, urge
565 原则 yuán zé principle; doctrine; CL:個|个[ge4]
566 哪怕 nǎ pà even; even if; even though; no matter how
567 资金 zī jīn funds; funding; capital
568 玉米 yù mǐ corn; maize; CL:粒[li4]
569 纪录 jì lù variant of 記錄|记录[ji4 lu4] (but in Taiwan, not for the verb sense "to record")
570 宠物 chǒng wù house pet
571 huī ashes; dust; lime, mortar
572 广场 guǎng chǎng public square; plaza
573 限制 xiàn zhì to restrict; to limit; to confine; restriction; limit; CL:個|个[ge4]
574 无数 wú shù countless; numberless; innumerable
575 善良 shàn liáng good and honest; kindhearted
576 tàng scald, heat; wash; iron clothes
577 表面 biǎo miàn surface; face; outside; appearance
578 主席 zhǔ xí chairperson; premier; chairman; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
579 智慧 zhì huì wisdom; knowledge; intelligent; intelligence
580 主动 zhǔ dòng to take the initiative; to do sth of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被動|被动[bei4 dong4]; drive (of gears and shafts etc)
581 联合 lián hé to combine; to join; unite; alliance
582 lòu leak, drip; funnel; hour glass
583 批准 pī zhǔn to approve; to ratify
584 气氛 qì fēn atmosphere; mood
585 体验 tǐ yàn to experience for oneself
586 可靠 kě kào reliable
587 录音 lù yīn to record (sound); sound recording; CL:個|个[ge4]
588 临时 lín shí as the time draws near; at the last moment; temporary; interim; ad hoc
589 优势 yōu shì superiority; dominance; advantage
590 编辑 biān jí to edit; to compile; editor; compiler
591 黄金 huáng jīn gold; golden (opportunity); prime (time)
592 温柔 wēn róu gentle and soft; tender
593 成就 chéng jiù accomplishment; success; achievement; CL:個|个[ge4]; to achieve (a result); to create; to bring about
594 形容 xíng róng to describe; description; appearance; look
595 方案 fāng àn plan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill; CL:個|个[ge4],套[tao4]
596 利益 lì yì benefit; (in sb's) interest; CL:個|个[ge4]
597 军事 jūn shì military affairs; military matters; military
598 juān contribute; give up, renounce
599 询问 xún wèn to inquire
600 平衡 píng héng balance; equilibrium
601 结论 jié lùn conclusion; verdict; CL:個|个[ge4]; to conclude; to reach a verdict
602 销售 xiāo shòu to sell; to market; sales (representative, agreement etc)
603 良好 liáng hǎo good; favorable; well; fine
604 工人 gōng rén worker; CL:個|个[ge4],名[ming2]
605 自愿 zì yuàn voluntary
606 措施 cuò shī measure; step; CL:個|个[ge4]
607 祝福 zhù fú blessings; to wish sb well
608 化学 huà xué chemistry; chemical
609 调整 tiáo zhěng to adjust; adjustment; revision; CL:個|个[ge4]
610 wèi stomach; gizzard of fowl
611 过敏 guò mǐn oversensitive; allergic; allergy
612 包裹 bāo guǒ to wrap up; to bind up; bundle; parcel; package; CL:個|个[ge4]
613 妇女 fù nǚ woman
614 地毯 dì tǎn carpet; rug
615 总算 zǒng suàn at long last; finally; on the whole
616 宴会 yàn huì banquet; feast; dinner party; CL:席[xi2],個|个[ge4]
617 怀念 huái niàn to cherish the memory of; to think of; reminisce
618 代替 dài tì to replace; to take the place of
619 干脆 gān cuì straightforward; clear-cut; blunt (e.g. statement); you might as well; simply
620 温暖 wēn nuǎn warm
621 出版 chū bǎn to publish
622 主持 zhǔ chí to take charge of; to manage or direct; to preside over; to uphold; to stand for (justice etc); to host (a TV or radio program etc); (TV) anchor
623 义务 yì wù duty; obligation; CL:項|项[xiang4]; volunteer (work etc)
624 缺乏 quē fá to lack; to be short of; lack; shortage
625 连续 lián xù continuous; in a row; serial; consecutive
626 蜜蜂 mì fēng bee; honeybee; CL:隻|只[zhi1],群[qun2]
627 夸张 kuā zhāng to exaggerate; overstated; exaggerated; hyperbole; (coll.) excessive; ridiculous; outrageous
628 保存 bǎo cún to conserve; to preserve; to keep; to save (a file etc) (computing)
629 如今 rú jīn nowadays; now
630 不如 bù rú not equal to; not as good as; inferior to; it would be better to
631 电台 diàn tái transmitter-receiver; broadcasting station; radio station; CL:個|个[ge4],家[jia1]
632 迟早 chí zǎo sooner or later
633 推荐 tuī jiàn to recommend; recommendation
634 鼓掌 gǔ zhǎng to applaud; to clap
635 rip, tear; buy cloth
636 咨询 zī xún to consult; to seek advice; consultation; (sales) inquiry (formal)
637 糊涂 hú tu muddled; silly; confused
638 燃烧 rán shāo to ignite; to combust; to burn; combustion; flaming
639 豪华 háo huá luxurious
640 轻易 qīng yì easily; lightly; rashly
641 qīng blue, green, black; young
642 人口 rén kǒu population; people
643 ruǎn soft, flexible, pliable; weak
644 功能 gōng néng function; capability
645 yín silver; cash, money, wealth
646 明确 míng què clear-cut; definite; explicit; to clarify; to specify; to make definite
647 把握 bǎ wò to grasp (also fig.); to seize; to hold; assurance; certainty; sure (of the outcome)
648 激烈 jī liè (of competition or fighting) intense; fierce; (of pain) acute; (of an expression of opinion) impassioned; vehement; (of a course of action) drastic; extreme
649 support, help; protect; hold on
650 秘书 mì shū secretary
651 集合 jí hé to gather; to assemble; set (math.)
652 事先 shì xiān in advance; before the event; beforehand; prior
653 chuǎng rush in, burst in, charge in
654 复制 fù zhì to duplicate; to make a copy of; to copy; to reproduce; to clone
655 摄影 shè yǐng to take a photograph; photography; to shoot (a movie)
656 闪电 shǎn diàn lightning; CL:道[dao4]
657 车库 chē kù garage
658 破产 pò chǎn to go bankrupt; to become impoverished; bankruptcy
659 沙滩 shā tān beach; sandy shore; CL:片[pian4]
660 着火 zháo huǒ to ignite; to burn
661 移民 yí mín to immigrate; to migrate; emigrant; immigrant
662 摩托车 mó tuō chē motorbike; motorcycle (loanword); CL:輛|辆[liang4],部[bu4]
663 日期 rì qī date; CL:個|个[ge4]
664 热爱 rè ài to love ardently; to adore
665 赞成 zàn chéng to approve; to endorse; (literary) to assist
666 形式 xíng shì outer appearance; form; shape; formality; CL:個|个[ge4]
667 现象 xiàn xiàng phenomenon; CL:個|个[ge4],種|种[zhong3]; appearance
668 相似 xiāng sì to resemble; similar; like; resemblance; similarity
669 矛盾 máo dùn contradiction; CL:個|个[ge4]; conflicting views; contradictory
670 结合 jié hé to combine; to link; to integrate; binding; CL:次[ci4]
671 充分 chōng fèn ample; sufficient; adequate; full; fully; to the full
672 领域 lǐng yù domain; sphere; field; territory; area
673 据说 jù shuō it is said that; reportedly
674 电池 diàn chí battery; CL:節|节[jie2],組|组[zu3]
675 家乡 jiā xiāng hometown; native place; CL:個|个[ge4]
676 平安 píng ān safe and sound; well; without mishap; quiet and safe; at peace
677 迅速 xùn sù rapid; speedy; fast
678 前途 qián tú prospects; future outlook; journey
679 成立 chéng lì to establish; to set up; to be tenable; to hold water
680 现代 xiàn dài Hyundai, South Korean company; modern times; modern age; modern era
681 ruò weak; fragile, delicate
682 妨碍 fáng ài to hinder; to obstruct
683 huī direct; wipe away; squander
684 装饰 zhuāng shì to decorate; decoration; decorative; ornamental
685 诊断 zhěn duàn diagnosis; to diagnose
686 成人 chéng rén adult
687 资源 zī yuán Ziyuan county in Guilin 桂林[Gui4 lin2], Guangxi; natural resource (such as water or minerals); resource (such as manpower or tourism)
688 独特 dú tè unique; distinct; having special characteristics
689 体会 tǐ huì to know from experience; to learn through experience; to realize; understanding; experience
690 生产 shēng chǎn to produce; to manufacture; to give birth to a child
691 yāo waist; kidney
692 播放 bō fàng to broadcast; to transmit
693 光明 guāng míng light; radiance; (fig.) bright (prospects etc); openhearted
694 贷款 dài kuǎn a loan; CL:筆|笔[bi3]; to provide a loan (e.g. bank); to raise a loan (from e.g. a bank)
695 胆小鬼 dǎn xiǎo guǐ coward
696 diào fish; fishhook; tempt, lure
697 地震 dì zhèn earthquake
698 转变 zhuǎn biàn to change; to transform; shift; transformation; CL:個|个[ge4]
699 各自 gè zì each; respective; apiece
700 zhāi pluck, pick; select; specify
701 最初 zuì chū first; primary; initial; original; at first; initially; originally
702 组成 zǔ chéng to form; to make up; to constitute
703 专心 zhuān xīn to concentrate; absorption; concentration; engrossed
704 告别 gào bié to leave; to bid farewell to; to say good-bye to
705 地位 dì wèi position; status; place; CL:個|个[ge4]
706 始终 shǐ zhōng from beginning to end; all along
707 贡献 gòng xiàn to contribute; to dedicate; to devote; contribution; CL:個|个[ge4]
708 打交道 dǎ jiāo dào to come into contact with; to have dealings
709 账户 zhàng hù bank account; online account
710 股票 gǔ piào share certificate; stock (finance)
711 形成 xíng chéng to form; to take shape
712 行业 háng yè industry; business
713 戏剧 xì jù drama; play; theater
714 执照 zhí zhào license; permit
715 沟通 gōu tōng to join; to connect; to link up; to communicate
716 汽油 qì yóu gasoline
717 健身 jiàn shēn to exercise; to keep fit; to work out; physical exercise
718 wear; split; crack
719 寂寞 jì mò lonely; lonesome; (of a place) quiet; silent
720 单位 dān wèi unit (of measure); unit (group of people as a whole); work unit (place of employment, esp. in the PRC prior to economic reform); CL:個|个[ge4]
721 论文 lùn wén paper; treatise; thesis; CL:篇[pian1]; to discuss a paper or thesis (old)
722 多亏 duō kuī thanks to; luckily
723 口味 kǒu wèi a person's preferences; tastes (in food); flavor
724 固定 gù dìng to fix; to fasten; to set rigidly in place; fixed; set; regular
725 注册 zhù cè to register; to enroll
726 木头 mù tou slow-witted; blockhead; log (of wood, timber etc); CL:塊|块[kuai4],根[gen1]
727 英俊 yīng jùn handsome
728 公布 gōng bù to announce; to make public; to publish
729 果然 guǒ rán really; sure enough; as expected; if indeed
730 乐观 lè guān optimistic; hopeful
731 至今 zhì jīn so far; to this day; until now
732 争论 zhēng lùn to argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate; CL:次[ci4],場|场[chang3]
733 名片 míng piàn (business) card
734 陌生 mò shēng strange; unfamiliar
735 业余 yè yú in one's spare time; outside working hours; amateur (historian etc)
736 人才 rén cái talent; talented person; looks; attractive looks
737 失业 shī yè unemployment; to lose one's job
738 克服 kè fú (try to) overcome (hardships etc); to conquer; to put up with; to endure
739 全面 quán miàn all-around; comprehensive; total; overall
740 wāi slant; inclined; askewd, awry
741 难怪 nán guài (it's) no wonder (that...); (it's) not surprising (that)
742 收获 shōu huò variant of 收穫|收获[shou1 huo4]; to harvest; to reap; to gain; crop; harvest; profit; gain; bonus; reward
743 计算 jì suàn to count; to calculate; to compute; CL:個|个[ge4]
744 有利 yǒu lì advantageous; to have advantages; favorable
745 xiē rest, stop, lodge
746 谨慎 jǐn shèn cautious; prudent
747 jiǎ, jia armor, shell; fingernails; 1st heavenly stem
748 犹豫 yóu yù to hesitate
749 从此 cóng cǐ from now on; since then; henceforth
750 下载 xià zǎi to download; also pr. [xia4 zai4]
751 企业 qǐ yè company; firm; enterprise; corporation; CL:家[jia1]
752 狮子 shī zi lion; CL:隻|只[zhi1],頭|头[tou2]
753 展开 zhǎn kāi to unfold; to carry out; to be in full swing; to launch
754 青少年 qīng shào nián adolescent; youth; teenager
755 双方 shuāng fāng bilateral; both sides; both parties involved
756 象征 xiàng zhēng emblem; symbol; token; badge; to symbolize; to signify; to stand for
757 开放 kāi fàng to bloom; to open; to be open (to the public); to open up (to the outside); to be open-minded; unrestrained by convention; unconstrained in one's sexuality
758 dòng freeze; cold, congeal; jelly
759 大型 dà xíng large; large-scale
760 忍不住 rěn bu zhù cannot help; unable to bear
761 文明 wén míng civilized; civilization; culture; CL:個|个[ge4]
762 shài dry in sun, expose to sun
763 舒适 shū shì cozy; snug
764 大象 dà xiàng elephant; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
765 因素 yīn sù element; factor; CL:個|个[ge4]
766 不足 bù zú insufficient; lacking; deficiency; not enough; inadequate; not worth; cannot; should not
767 操心 cāo xīn to worry about
768 疑问 yí wèn question; interrogation; doubt
769 fog, mist, vapor, fine spray
770 从前 cóng qián previously; formerly; once upon a time
771 天真 tiān zhēn naive; innocent; artless
772 运用 yùn yòng to use; to put to use
773 土豆 tǔ dòu potato; CL:個|个[ge4]; (Tw) peanut; CL:顆|颗[ke1]
774 偶然 ǒu rán incidentally; occasional; occasionally; by chance; randomly
775 翅膀 chì bǎng wing; CL:個|个[ge4],對|对[dui4]
776 列车 liè chē (railway) train
777 极其 jí qí extremely
778 香肠 xiāng cháng sausage; CL:根[gen1]
779 决心 jué xīn determination; resolution; determined; firm and resolute; to make up one's mind; CL:個|个[ge4]
780 jiè numerary adjunct for time, term
781 从事 cóng shì to go for; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
782 传播 chuán bō to disseminate; to propagate; to spread
783 位于 wèi yú to be located at; to be situated at; to lie
784 kuān broad, wide; spacious, vast
785 迎接 yíng jiē to meet; to welcome; to greet
786 反而 fǎn ér instead; on the contrary; contrary (to expectations)
787 蝴蝶 hú dié butterfly; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
788 总裁 zǒng cái chairman; director-general (of a company etc)
789 尾巴 wěi ba tail; colloquial pr. [yi3 ba5]
790 剪刀 jiǎn dāo scissors; CL:把[ba3]
791 抽屉 chōu ti drawer
792 点心 diǎn xin light refreshments; pastry; dimsum (in Cantonese cooking); dessert
793 duo, duǒ cluster of flowers; earlobe
794 狡猾 jiǎo huá crafty; cunning; sly
795 zhèn column, row or file of troops
796 写作 xiě zuò to write; to compose; writing; written works
797 风景 fēng jǐng scenery; landscape; CL:個|个[ge4]
798 大厦 dà shà (used in the names of grand buildings such as 百老匯大廈|百老汇大厦 Broadway Mansions (in Shanghai) or 帝國大廈|帝国大厦 Empire State Building etc)
799 赞美 zàn měi to admire; to praise; to eulogize
800 其余 qí yú the rest; the others; remaining; remainder; apart from them
801 结构 jié gòu structure; composition; makeup; architecture; CL:座[zuo4],個|个[ge4]
802 sprinkle; scatter; pour; to wipe away; to shiver
803 热烈 rè liè enthusiastic; ardent; warm
804 证件 zhèng jiàn certificate; papers; credentials; document; ID
805 发言 fā yán to make a speech; statement; utterance; CL:個|个[ge4]
806 摔倒 shuāi dǎo to fall down; to slip and fall; to throw sb to the ground
807 能源 néng yuán energy; power source; CL:個|个[ge4]
808 辩论 biàn lùn debate; argument; to argue over; CL:場|场[chang3],次[ci4]
809 胃口 wèi kǒu appetite; liking
810 传染 chuán rǎn to infect; contagious
811 落后 luò hòu to fall behind; to lag (in technology etc); backward; to retrogress
812 不要紧 bù yào jǐn unimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind; it looks all right, but
813 实习 shí xí to practice; field work; to intern; internship
814 特征 tè zhēng characteristic; diagnostic property; distinctive feature; trait
815 忽视 hū shì to neglect; to ignore
816 赔偿 péi cháng to compensate
817 逻辑 luó ji logic (loanword)
818 物理 wù lǐ physics; physical
819 肥皂 féi zào soap; CL:塊|块[kuai4],條|条[tiao2]
820 lán obstruct, impede, bar, hinder
821 管子 guǎn zǐ Guanzi or Guan Zhong 管仲 (-645 BC), famous politician of Qi 齊國|齐国 of Spring and Autumn period; Guanzi, classical book containing writings of Guan Zhong and his school
822 输入 shū rù to import; to input
823 宝贵 bǎo guì valuable; precious; to value; to treasure; to set store by
824 情景 qíng jǐng scene; spectacle; circumstances; situation
825 招待 zhāo dài to receive (guests); to entertain; reception
826 概念 gài niàn concept; idea; CL:個|个[ge4]
827 修改 xiū gǎi to amend; to alter; to modify
828 安装 ān zhuāng to install; to erect; to fix; to mount; installation
829 逐渐 zhú jiàn gradually
830 分别 fēn bié to part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually
831 蔬菜 shū cài vegetables; CL:種|种[zhong3]
832 语气 yǔ qì tone; manner of speaking; mood; CL:個|个[ge4]
833 培养 péi yǎng to cultivate; to breed; to foster; to nurture; to educate; to groom (for a position); education; fostering; culture (biology)
834 奋斗 fèn dòu to strive; to struggle
835 成果 chéng guǒ result; achievement; gain; profit; CL:個|个[ge4]
836 握手 wò shǒu to shake hands
837 珍惜 zhēn xī to treasure; to value; to cherish
838 设施 shè shī facilities; installation
839 形状 xíng zhuàng form; shape; CL:個|个[ge4]
840 秩序 zhì xù order (orderly); order (sequence); social order; the state (of society); CL:個|个[ge4]
841 guō cooking-pot, saucepan
842 装修 zhuāng xiū to decorate; interior decoration; to fit up; to renovate
843 cuī press, urge
844 影子 yǐng zi shadow; reflection; (fig.) hint; indication; influence; CL:個|个[ge4]
845 成分 chéng fèn composition; make-up; ingredient; element; component; one's social status; CL:個|个[ge4]
846 shuì taxes
847 báo, bó thin, slight, weak; poor, stingy
848 líng bell
849 宿舍 sù shè dormitory; dorm room; living quarters; hostel; CL:間|间[jian1]
850 nóng thick, strong, concentrated
851 yǎng itch
852 仿佛 fǎng fú variant of 彷彿|仿佛[fang3 fu2]; to seem; as if; alike; similar
853 要不 yào bù otherwise; or else; how about...?; either... (or...)
854 业务 yè wù business; professional work; service; CL:項|项[xiang4]
855 制定 zhì dìng to draw up; to formulate
856 运输 yùn shū to transport; to carry; transportation
857 收据 shōu jù receipt; CL:張|张[zhang1]
858 宁可 nìng kě preferably; one would prefer to...(or not to...); would rather; (would) be better to; (to pick) the lesser of two evils
859 工程师 gōng chéng shī engineer; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
860 táo peach; marriage; surname
861 神话 shén huà legend; fairy tale; myth; mythology
862 耽误 dān wu to delay; to hold up; to waste time; to interfere with
863 待遇 dài yù treatment; pay; salary; status; rank
864 问候 wèn hòu to give one's respects; to send a greeting; (fig.) (coll.) to make offensive reference to (somebody dear to the person to whom one is speaking)
865 提问 tí wèn to question; to quiz; to grill
866 开发 kāi fā to exploit (a resource); to open up (for development); to develop
867 打工 dǎ gōng to work a temporary or casual job; (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation
868 核心 hé xīn core; nucleus
869 文字 wén zì character; script; writing; written language; writing style; phraseology; CL:個|个[ge4]
870 维修 wéi xiū maintenance (of equipment); to protect and maintain
871 本质 běn zhì essence; nature; innate character; intrinsic quality
872 麦克风 mài kè fēng microphone (loanword)
873 模糊 mó hu vague; indistinct; fuzzy
874 统一 tǒng yī to unify; to unite; to integrate
875 分配 fēn pèi to distribute; to assign; to allocate; to partition (a hard drive)
876 嘉宾 jiā bīn esteemed guest; honored guest; guest (on a show)
877 花生 huā shēng peanut; groundnut; CL:粒[li4]
878 补充 bǔ chōng to replenish; to supplement; to complement; additional; supplementary; CL:個|个[ge4]
879 形势 xíng shì circumstances; situation; terrain; CL:個|个[ge4]
880 平等 píng děng equal; equality
881 软件 ruǎn jiàn (computer) software
882 会计 kuài jì accountant; accountancy; accounting
883 多余 duō yú superfluous; unnecessary; surplus
884 qiǎn shallow, not deep; superficial
885 零件 líng jiàn part; component
886 青春 qīng chūn youth; youthfulness
887 发抖 fā dǒu to tremble; to shake; to shiver
888 工业 gōng yè industry
889 体贴 tǐ tiē considerate (of other people's needs)
890 日常 rì cháng daily; everyday
891 耳环 ěr huán earring; CL:隻|只[zhi1],對|对[dui4]
892 piāo whirlwind, cyclone; floating
893 冰激凌 bīng jī líng ice cream
894 善于 shàn yú to be good at; to be adept at
895 球迷 qiú mí fan (ball sports); CL:個|个[ge4]
896 改进 gǎi jìn to improve; to make better; CL:個|个[ge4]
897 集体 jí tǐ collective (decision); joint (effort); a group; a team; en masse; as a group
898 时髦 shí máo in vogue; fashionable
899 生长 shēng zhǎng to grow
900 吸收 xī shōu to absorb; to assimilate; to ingest; to recruit
901 测验 cè yàn test; to test; CL:次[ci4],個|个[ge4]
902 担任 dān rèn to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as
903 怪不得 guài bu de no wonder!; so that's why!
904 随身 suí shēn to (carry) on one's person; to (take) with one
905 培训 péi xùn to cultivate; to train; to groom; training
906 xiàn county, district, subdivision
907 改善 gǎi shàn to make better; to improve; CL:個|个[ge4]
908 总共 zǒng gòng altogether; in sum; in all; in total
909 文学 wén xué literature; CL:種|种[zhong3]
910 打听 dǎ ting to ask about; to make some inquiries; to ask around
911 劳驾 láo jià excuse me
912 平均 píng jūn average; on average; evenly; in equal proportions
913 彩虹 cǎi hóng rainbow; CL:道[dao4]
914 日程 rì chéng schedule; itinerary; CL:個|个[ge4]
915 制度 zhì dù system (e.g. political, adminstrative etc); institution; CL:個|个[ge4]
916 此外 cǐ wài besides; in addition; moreover; furthermore
917 单纯 dān chún simple; pure; unsophisticated; merely; purely
918 扩大 kuò dà to expand; to enlarge; to broaden one's scope
919 相对 xiāng duì relatively; opposite; to resist; to oppose; relative; vis-a-vis; counterpart
920 录取 lù qǔ to accept an applicant (prospective student, employee etc) who passes an entrance exam; to admit (a student); to hire (a job candidate)
921 牛仔裤 niú zǎi kù jeans; CL:條|条[tiao2]
922 阳台 yáng tái variant of 陽臺|阳台[yang2 tai2]; balcony; porch
923 利润 lì rùn profits
924 后背 hòu bèi the back (human anatomy); the back part of sth
925 简历 jiǎn lì curriculum vitae (CV); résumé; biographical notes
926 窗帘 chuāng lián window curtains
927 丝毫 sī háo the slightest amount or degree; a bit
928 重量 zhòng liàng weight; CL:個|个[ge4]
929 反复 fǎn fù variant of 反覆|反复[fan3 fu4]; repeatedly; over and over; to upend; unstable; to come and go; (of an illness) to return
930 商品 shāng pǐn commodity; goods; merchandise; CL:個|个[ge4]
931 台阶 tái jiē steps; flight of steps; step (over obstacle); fig. way out of an embarrassing situation; bench (geology)
932 zhǎng, zhàng rise in price
933 突出 tū chū prominent; outstanding; to give prominence to; to protrude; to project
934 辣椒 là jiāo hot pepper; chili
935 出示 chū shì to show; to take out and show to others; to display
936 地道 dì dào tunnel; causeway
937 强调 qiáng diào to emphasize (a statement); to stress
938 展览 zhǎn lǎn to put on display; to exhibit; exhibition; show; CL:個|个[ge4],次[ci4]
939 活跃 huó yuè active; lively; excited; to enliven; to brighten up
940 转告 zhuǎn gào to pass on; to communicate; to transmit
941 删除 shān chú to delete; to cancel
942 豆腐 dòu fu tofu; bean curd
943 舅舅 jiù jiu mother's brother; maternal uncle (informal); CL:個|个[ge4]
944 kuā extravagant, luxurious; handsome
945 忽然 hū rán suddenly; all of a sudden
946 农民 nóng mín peasant; farmer; CL:個|个[ge4]
947 包含 bāo hán to contain; to embody; to include
948 危害 wēi hài to jeopardize; to harm; to endanger; harmful effect; damage; CL:個|个[ge4]
949 志愿者 zhì yuàn zhě volunteer
950 恶劣 è liè vile; nasty; of very poor quality
951 责备 zé bèi to blame; to criticize; condemnation; reproach
952 哲学 zhé xué philosophy; CL:個|个[ge4]
953 反映 fǎn yìng to mirror; to reflect; mirror image; reflection; (fig.) to report; to make known; to render
954 柜台 guì tái variant of 櫃檯|柜台[gui4 tai2]; sales counter; front desk; bar; (of markets, medicines etc) OTC (over-the-counter)
955 悄悄 qiāo qiāo quietly; secretly; stealthily; quiet; worried; Taiwan pr. [qiao3 qiao3]
956 chāo copy, confiscate, seize
957 眉毛 méi mao eyebrow; CL:根[gen1]
958 接待 jiē dài to receive (a visitor); to admit (allow sb to enter)
959 贸易 mào yì (commercial) trade; CL:個|个[ge4]
960 特色 tè sè characteristic; distinguishing feature or quality
961 何况 hé kuàng let alone; to say nothing of; besides; what's more
962 具备 jù bèi to possess; to have; equipped with; able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)
963 辅导 fǔ dǎo to give guidance; to mentor; to counsel; to coach; to tutor
964 对比 duì bǐ to contrast; contrast; ratio; CL:個|个[ge4]
965 纪律 jì lǜ discipline
966 构成 gòu chéng to constitute; to form; to compose; to make up; to configure (computing)
967 色彩 sè cǎi tint; coloring; coloration; (fig.) flavor; character
968 围巾 wéi jīn scarf; shawl; CL:條|条[tiao2]
969 姑姑 gū gu paternal aunt; CL:個|个[ge4]
970 消化 xiāo huà to digest; digestion; digestive
971 车厢 chē xiāng carriage; CL:節|节[jie2]
972 体现 tǐ xiàn to embody; to reflect; to incarnate
973 乐器 yuè qì musical instrument; CL:件[jian4]
974 规律 guī lǜ rule (e.g. of science); law of behavior; regular pattern; rhythm; discipline
975 不得了 bù dé liǎo desperately serious; disastrous; extremely; exceedingly
976 密切 mì qiè close; familiar; intimate; closely (related); to foster close ties; to pay close attention
977 外交 wài jiāo diplomacy; diplomatic; foreign affairs; CL:個|个[ge4]
978 否定 fǒu dìng to negate; to deny; to reject; negative (answer); negation
979 观念 guān niàn notion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
980 jiāo spray, water, sprinkle
981 hand over, deliver; substitute
982 鼓舞 gǔ wǔ heartening (news); to boost (morale); CL:個|个[ge4]
983 规模 guī mó scale; scope; extent; CL:個|个[ge4]
984 佩服 pèi fú to admire
985 召开 zhào kāi to convene (a conference or meeting); to convoke; to call together
986 嗓子 sǎng zi throat; voice; CL:把[ba3]
987 艰苦 jiān kǔ difficult; hard; arduous
988 整体 zhěng tǐ whole entity; entire body; synthesis; as a whole (situation, construction, team etc); global; macrocosm; integral; holistic; whole
989 dūn metric ton; (Cant.) to babble, gibberish
990 启发 qǐ fā to enlighten; to explain (a text etc); to stimulate (a mental attitude); enlightenment; revelation; motivation
991 幼儿园 yòu ér yuán kindergarten; nursery school
992 手工 shǒu gōng handwork; manual
993 报到 bào dào to report for duty; to check in; to register
994 报社 bào shè newspaper (i.e. a company); CL:家[jia1]
995 营养 yíng yǎng nutrition; nourishment; CL:種|种[zhong3]
996 匆忙 cōng máng hasty; hurried
997 pén basin, tub, pot, bowl
998 从而 cóng ér thus; thereby
999 及格 jí gé to pass an exam or a test; to meet a minimum standard
1000 吸取 xī qǔ to absorb; to draw (a lesson, insight etc); to assimilate
1001 何必 hé bì there is no need; why should
1002 火柴 huǒ chái match (for lighting fire); CL:根[gen1],盒[he2]
1003 nèn soft, tender, delicate; young
1004 dàn weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
1005 目录 mù lù catalog; table of contents; directory (on computer hard drive); list; contents
1006 痛快 tòng kuài delighted; to one's heart's content; straightforward; also pr. [tong4 kuai5]
1007 结实 jiē shí to bear fruit
1008 手续 shǒu xù procedure; CL:道[dao4],個|个[ge4]; formalities
1009 综合 zōng hé comprehensive; composite; synthesized; mixed; to sum up; to integrate; to synthesize
1010 优美 yōu měi graceful; fine; elegant
1011 古代 gǔ dài ancient times; olden times
1012 jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
1013 围绕 wéi rào to revolve around; to center on (an issue)
1014 延长 yán cháng Yanchang county in Yan'an 延安[Yan2 an1], Shaanxi; to prolong; to extend; to delay
1015 兼职 jiān zhí to hold concurrent posts; concurrent job; moonlighting