freeze; cold, congeal; jelly

HSK 5 #2127


  • freeze
  • cold, congeal
  • jelly
  • to freeze
  • to feel very cold
  • aspic or jelly


冻 stroke order diagram
冻 stroke order animation


结 dòng jié to freeze (water etc); (fig.) to freeze (assets, prices etc)
lěng dòng to freeze; to deep-freeze
死 dòng sǐ to freeze to death; to die off in winter
guǒ dòng gelatin dessert
bīng dòng to freeze
僵 dòng jiāng frozen stiff; numb with cold
jiě dòng to melt; to thaw; to defrost; fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)
sù dòng to quick-freeze
伤 dòng shāng frostbite
fáng dòng antifreeze
库 lěng dòng kù freezer compartment
shuāng dòng frost; frost damage (to crop)
土 dòng tǔ frozen earth; permafrost; tundra
天寒地 tiān hán dì dòng cold weather, frozen ground (idiom); bitterly cold
疮 dòng chuāng frostbite; chilblains
肉 dòng ròu cold or frozen meat
huà dòng to defrost
害 dòng hài (agriculture) freezing injury
雨 dòng yǔ sleet
港 bù dòng gǎng ice-free port; open port
港口 bù dòng gǎng kǒu ice-free port (refers to Vladivostok)
三尺,非一日之寒 bīng dòng sān chǐ , fēi yī rì zhī hán three feet of ice does not form in a single day (idiom); Rome wasn't built in a day
土层 dòng tǔ céng permafrost; tundra; layer of frozen soil
容 dòng róng "youth freezing", Chinese girls beginning anti-ageing treatments as young as two years old in the hope they will never look old
涨 dòng zhǎng to freeze (prices, fees etc) (Tw)
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