HSK 2 Characters

173 characters ?

The official HSK standard specifies words, not characters. This is a list of all characters contained in HSK 2 words.

# Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Words
1 wèi, wéi do, handle, govern, act; be 什么 ,
2 dào go to, arrive, been to
3 by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to ,
4 yào, yāo necessary, essential; necessity
5 jiù just, simply; to come, go to; to approach, near
6 may, can, -able; possibly ,
7 also; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity
8 de, dé, děi obtain, get, gain, acquire
9 zhe make move, take action
10 guò, guo pass, pass through, go across
11 dào, dao path, road, street; method, way
12 suǒ place, location; numerary adjunct
13 rán yes, certainly; pledge, promise
14 shì, shi affair, matter, business; to serve; accident, incident
15 jīng, jing classic works; pass through
16 dòng move, happen; movement, action
17 hái still, yet, also, besides
18 jìn advance, make progress, enter
19 dàn only; but, however, yet, still
20 yīn cause, reason; by; because (of)
21 cóng from, by, since, whence, through
22 sun; day; daytime
23 yì, yi thought, idea, opinion; think
24 it; other
25 zhǎng, cháng long; length; excel in; leader
26 sequence, number; grade, degree
27 gōng fair, equitable; public; duke 共汽车 ,
28 already; finished; stop
29 qíng, qing feeling, sentiment, emotion
30 zhī know, perceive, comprehend
31 zhèng right, proper, correct
32 wài out, outside, external; foreign
33 liǎng two, both, pair, couple; ounce
34 jiān midpoint, space; place, locality ,
35 wèn ask about, inquire after
36 zuì most, extremely, exceedingly
37 shǒu hand ,
38 body; group, class, body, unit; inferior
39 děng rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.'
40 xīn new, recent, fresh, modern
41 shēn body; trunk, hull; rad. no. 158
42 biǎo show, express, manifest, display
43 gěi give; by, for
44 order, sequence; next
45 mén gate, door, entrance, opening
46 cháng common, normal, frequent, regular
47 jiào, jiāo teach, class
48 to compare, liken; comparison; than
49 yuán member; personnel, staff member 服务
50 zhēn real, actual, true, genuine
51 zǒu walk, go on foot; run; leave
52 tiáo clause, condition; string, stripe
53 forehead; title, headline; theme
54 bié separate, other; do not
55 bào report, tell, announce
56 wu, wù affairs, business; must, should
57 chǎng, cháng open space, field, market
58 jiàn numerary adjunct for article; matter
59 便 biàn convenience, ease; expedient 便
60 take charge of, control, manage; officer
61 yǎn eye; eyelet, hole, opening
62 fēi not, negative, non-; oppose
63 bái, bai white; pure, unblemished; bright
64 sī, si think, consider, ponder; final particle
65 wán complete, finish, settle; whole
66 color, tint, hue, shade; form, body; beauty, desire for beauty
67 road, path, street; journey
68 gào tell, announce, inform; accuse
69 biān, bian edge, margin, side, border , ,
70 wàng to look at, look forward; to hope, expect
71 gòng together with, all, total; to share 汽车
72 ràng allow, permit, yield, concede
73 yùn run; simplified form of 運 luck, fortune; ship, transport
74 xiào smile, laugh, giggle; snicker
75 step, pace; walk, stroll
76 měi every, each
77 kuài rapid, quick, speedy, fast; soon
78 wǎng, wàng go, depart; past, formerly
79 jìn near, close; approach; intimate
80 fu, fū man, male adult, husband; those
81 zhǔn approve, allow, permit; in accord
82 shǐ begin, start; then, only then
83 yuǎn distant, remote, far; profound
84 bèi prepare, ready, perfect
85 bǎi one hundred; numerous, many
86 rare beast; strange; elegant
87 bìng illness, sickness, disease
88 xi, xī rest, put stop to, end, cease
89 huǒ fire, flame; burn; anger, rage 车站
90 zǎo early; soon; morning
91 zhǎo search, seek, look for; find
92 ba emphatic final particle
93 kǎo examine, test; investigate
94 hóng red, vermillion; blush, flush
95 suī although, even if
96 rare; hope, expect, strive for
97 fáng house, building; room
98 hēi black; dark; evil, sinister
99 foot; attain, satisfy, enough
100 hái baby, child; children
101 zhàn stand up; a stand, station 火车
102 su, sù accuse; sue; inform; narrate
103 qiān thousand; many, numerous; very; (Cant.) a cheater, swindler
104 nán male, man; son; baron; surname
105 zhù help, aid, assist
106 lè, yuè happy, glad; enjoyable; music
107 qiú ball, sphere, globe; round 打篮 , 踢足
108 cuò error, blunder, mistake; wrong
109 wǎn night, evening; late
110 shì test, try, experiment
111 sòng see off, send off; dispatch, give
112 yào leaf of Dahurian angelica plant; medicine
113 yóu to swim; float, drift; wander, roam ,
114 shì room, home, house, chamber
115 nín honorific for 'you'
116 bāng help, assist; defend; shoe upper
117 zuǒ left; east; unorthodox, improper
118 yòu right; west; right-wing
119 穿 chuān penetrate, pierce, drill; wear
120 gē, ge elder brother
121 dì, di young brother; junior; i, me
122 màn slow(ly), leisurely, sluggish
123 máng busy, pressed for time; hustling
124 jiè forerunner, herald, harbinger; to lie between; sea shell; to wear armor
125 fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
126 pǎo run, flee, leave in hurry
127 guì expensive, costly, valuable
128 bān class, group, grade; squad; job
129 piào slip of paper or bamboo; ticket
130 jing eyeball; pupil of eye
131 trip, journey; travel; traveler
132 writing brush; write; stroke
133 mài, mai sell; betray; show off
134 páng side; by side, close by, near
135 yīn 'female' principle; dark; secret
136 tiào jump, leap, vault, bounce; dance
137 xuě snow; wipe away shame, avenge
138 ròu flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130
139 guǎn public building
140 niú cow, ox, bull; KangXi radical93
141 zhǐ paper
142 song, lyrics; sing, chant; praise
143 chuáng bed, couch; framework, chassis
144 wán play with, joke, enjoy
145 wife
146 xiū rest, stop; retire; do not!
147 dance, posture, prance; brandish
148 xìng one's family name; clan, people
149 mèi, mei younger sister
150 steam, vapor, gas 公共
151 lesson; course; classwork
152 dǒng understand, comprehend
153 shào continue, carry on; join
154 zhàng unit of length equal 3.3 meters; gentleman, man, husband
155 wash, rinse; clean, purify
156 chàng sing, chant, call; ditty, song
157 nǎi, nai milk; woman's breasts; nurse
158 yi, yí suitable, right, fitting, proper 便
159 lèi, lěi tired; implicate, involve; bother
160 yáng sheep, goat; KangXi radical 123
161 líng zero; fragment, fraction
162 dàn eggs; term of abuse
163 chicken
164 bīn guest, visitor; surname; submit
165 yán face, facial appearance
166 guā melon, gourd, cucumber; rad. 97 西
167 qíng clear weather, fine weather
168 fēi morphine; coffee
169 lán basket
170 coffee; a phonetic
171 kick 足球
172 yǒng dive; swim
173 qiān lead