HSK 3 Characters

270 characters ?

The official HSK standard specifies words, not characters. This is a list of all characters contained in HSK 3 words.

# Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Words
1 de, dì earth; soil, ground; region , ,
2 ér and; and then; and yet; but
3 in, on, at; go to; surname ,
4 self, private, personal; from , 行车
5 issue, dispatch, send out; hair , ,
6 yòng use, employ, apply, operate; use
7 xíng, háng go; walk; move, travel; circulate , 李箱 ,
8 zhǒng, zhòng seed; race, breed; to plant
9 chéng completed, finished, fixed ,
10 fāng, fang a square, rectangle; a region; local , , 便
11 fǎ, fa law, rule, regulation, statute; France, French
12 if, supposing; as if; like, as
13 dāng, dàng bear, accept, undertake; just
14 dìng decide, settle, fix ,
15 his, her, its, their; that ,
16 zhǔ master, chief owner; host; lord
17 lǐ, li reason, logic; manage
18 xīn heart; mind, intelligence; soul , ,
19 zhǐ, zhī only, just, simply
20 shí, shi real, true; honest, sincere
21 zhě that which; he who; those who
22 power, capability, influence
23 hold, take; guard; regard as
24 yòu and, also, again, in addition
25 profession, business; GB radical 111
26 zhòng, chóng heavy, weighty; double
27 thing, substance, creature ,
28 yīng, yìng, ying should, ought to, must
29 xiàng toward, direction, trend
30 tóu, tou head; top; chief, first; boss
31 wén literature, culture, writing ,
32 xiāng, xiàng mutual, reciprocal, each other ,
33 bèi passive indicator 'by'; bedding
34 huò or, either, else; perhaps, maybe
35 self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem
36 jiā add to, increase, augment
37 special, unique, distinguished
38 xìn trust, believe; letter 用卡 ,
39 huà change, convert, reform; -ize ,
40 shì generation; world; era
41 wèi throne; position, post; rank, status; seat
42 shēng sound, voice, noise; tone; music
43 hold in hand; lift in hand
44 jiě loosen, unfasten, untie; explain ,
45 kǒu mouth; open end; entrance, gate
46 píng flat, level, even; peaceful
47 gèng more, still further, much more
48 biàn change, transform, alter; rebel
49 zǒng collect; overall, altogether
50 shù, shǔ number; several, count; fate
51 ān peaceful, tranquil, quiet
52 cái talent, ability; just, only
53 jié, jiē knot, tie; join, connect ,
54 eye; look, see; division, topic
55 gǎn feel, perceive, emotion 兴趣 ,
56 jiē receive; continue; catch; connect
57 surely, most certainly; must
58 shì market, fair; city, town; trade ,
59 zhí straight, erect, vertical
60 shān mountain, hill, peak
61 kōng, kòng empty, hollow, bare, deserted
62 jué decide, determine, judge ,
63 horse; surname; KangXi radical 187
64 jiè boundary, limit; domain; society; the world
65 fàng put, release, free, liberate
66 xiàng a picture, image, figure; to resemble
67 nán, nan, nàn difficult, arduous, hard; unable
68 qiě moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
69 jì, ji record; keep in mind, remember , ,
70 nán south; southern part; southward
71 qiú seek; demand, request; beseech
72 to occupy, take possession of; a base, position
73 zhāng stretch, extend, expand; sheet
74 gāi should, ought to, need to
75 wàn ten thousand; innumerable
76 qīng clear, pure, clean; peaceful
77 dài belt, girdle, band, strap, zone
78 fēng wind; air; manners, atmosphere
79 gēn root, base(d on); foundation
80 gàn, gān oppose, offend; invade; dried
81 extreme, utmost, furthest, final
82 bàn manage, do, handle; deal with 公室 ,
83 consult, talk over, discuss
84 yuán first; dollar; origin; head
85 dān single, individual, only; lone ,
86 diào, tiáo transfer, move, change; tune
87 suàn, suan count, calculate, figure; plan
88 need, require, must
89 huā, hua flower; blossoms
90 chéng castle; city, town; municipality
91 level, rank, class; grade
92 return; repeat; repeatedly
93 mǎn fill; full, satisfied
94 yuè exceed, go beyond; the more ...
95 róng looks, appearance; figure, form
96 zhào shine, illumine, reflect , , 相机
97 must, have to, necessary
98 bāo wrap, pack, bundle; package
99 piàn, piān slice, splinter, strip; rad. 91
100 shǐ history, chronicle, annals
101 hu, hū interrogative or exclamatory final particle
102 chá investigate, examine, seek into
103 qīng light; easy, simple; gentle
104 change; easy
105 chú eliminate, remove, except
106 ā prefix for people's names; used in transliteration
107 li plum; judge; surname
108 diagram; chart, map, picture 书馆 ,
109 history; calendar
110 suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
111 zhōu Zhou dynasty; circumference
112 jiào compare; comparatively, more
113 zhù concentrate, focus, direct
114 xuǎn choose, select; elect; election
115 xiǎng make sound, make noise; sound
116 cān take part in, intervene; ginseng
117 bàn half
118 jié knot, node, joint; section , ,
119 protect, guard, defend, shelter
120 yīn sound, tone, pitch, pronunciation ,
121 gēn heel; to follow, accompany; with
122 liú stop, halt; stay, detain, keep
123 jiǎng explain; discuss; talk
124 liào consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
125 zhōng end; finally, in the end
126 dá, dā answer, reply; return; assent to
127 huáng yellow; surname
128 strange, unusual, uncanny, occult
129 duàn section, piece, division
130 ancient, old; reason, because
131 river; stream; yellow river
132 hài, hai injure, harm; destroy, kill
133 shuāng set of two, pair, couple; both
134 jìng boundary, frontier; area, region
135 yuàn sincere, honest, virtuous
136 wǎng net; network; KangXi radical 122
137 produce, give birth to; educate
138 chuán ship, boat, vessel
139 liǎn face; cheek; reputation
140 carve, engrave; quarter hour
141 gāng hard, tough, rigid, strong
142 bān sort, manner, kind, category
143 to fear, be afraid of; apprehensive
144 jiǎ, jià falsehood, deception; vacation
145 jiǔ long time (ago); time passage, grow late
146 take, hold, grasp; bring; with
147 yáng 'male' principle; light; sun
148 quick, quickly; urgent, pressing
149 live, dwell, reside, sit
150 huán jade ring or bracelet; ring
151 shù tree; plant; set up, establish
152 céng story, layer, floor, stratum
153 sentence
154 jiǎn simple, terse, succinct, a letter
155 card, punch card; calorie 信用
156 dān, dàn, dan carry, bear, undertake
157 jìng, jing quiet, still, motionless; gentle
158 jiǎn check; examine
159 chà, chā, chāi to differ; different, wrong; nearly, almost; an officer
160 jiǎo horn; angle, corner; point
161 skin, hide, fur, feather; outer
162 a, ā exclamatory particle
163 chāo jump over, leap over; surpass
164 yín silver; cash, money, wealth
165 guài strange, unusual, peculiar
166 xiāng fragrant, sweet-smelling; incense
167 tiě iron; strong, solid, firm
168 cǎo grass, straw, thatch, herbs
169 jiǎo leg, foot; base, leg, foundation
170 jiǔ wine, spirits, liquor, alcoholic beverage
171 look back; look at; look after
172 huàn change
173 wén hear; smell; make known; news
174 huài rotten, spoilt, bad, broken down
175 chu name of feudal state; clear
176 lóu building of two or more stories
177 huà a painting, picture, drawing; to draw
178 ěr ear; merely, only; handle
179 duǎn short; brief; deficient, lacking
180 meet, come across, encounter
181 kāng peaceful, quiet; happy, healthy
182 jiù old, ancient; former, past
183 chūn spring; wanton
184 adhere to, append; rely on near to
185 social custom; manners; courtesy
186 bǎn plank, board; iron or tin plate
187 hūn get married; marriage, wedding
188 xiān, xian fresh; delicious; attractive
189 words; phrase, expression
190 select, choose, pick out
191 jiàn strong, robust, healthy; strength
192 jiè borrow; lend; make pretext of
193 yuán garden; park, orchard
194 tooth, molars, teeth; serrated
195 shù bind, control, restrain; bale
196 liàn to practice, drill, exercise, train
197 ye, yé father, grandfather
198 zuǐ mouth, lips
199 theatrical play, show
200 diǎn law, canon; documentation; classic, scripture
201 pán, pan tray, plate, dish; examine
202 wàng forget; neglect; miss, omit
203 sài compete, contend; contest, race
204 what attracts one's attention 感兴
205 yíng receive, welcome, greet
206 bīng ice; ice-cold
207 to exert, strive, make an effort; to pout
208 绿 green; chlorine
209 jiē street, road, thoroughfare
210 dēng lantern, lamp
211 xià summer; great, grand, big
212 qiū autumn, fall; year
213 final, last, end; insignificant
214 lán blue; indigo plant; surname
215 shāo burn; bake; heat; roast
216 weep, cry, wail
217 mào risk, brave, dare
218 guàn habit, custom; habitually, usual
219 niǎo bird; KangXi radical 196
220 quarter of year; season; surname
221 nose; first; KangXi radical 209
222 tuǐ legs, thighs
223 chí late, tardy; slow; delay
224 liàng numerary adjunct for vehicles
225 jìng clean, pure; cleanse
226 dōng winter, 11th lunar month
227 ride horseback; mount; cavalry
228 shū, shu father's younger brother
229 crawl, creep; climb; scramble
230 sǎo, sào sweep, clear away; exterminate
231 xiāng case, box, chest, trunk , 行李
232 shū open up, unfold, stretch out; comfortable, easy
233 spin; achievements
234 yǐn drink; swallow; kind of drink
235 duo, duǒ cluster of flowers; earlobe
236 xié shoes, footwear in general
237 yóu postal, mail; post office 电子
238 lín neighbor; neighborhood
239 cōng intelligent, clever, bright
240 ladder, steps, stairs; lean
241 píng jug, pitcher, vase, jar, bottle
242 téng aches, pains; be fond of; love
243 xióng a bear; brilliant; bright; surname
244 mào hat, cap; cap-like tops
245 liàn smelt, refine; distill, condense
246 bān transfer, move, remove, shift
247 shuā brush; clean with brush, scrub
248 shòu thin, emaciated, lean; meager
249 jīn a catty (approximately 500 g); an axe; keen, shrewd; KangXi radical number 69
250 pàng fat, obese; fatty
251 饿 è hungry; greedy for; hunger
252 liáo somewhat, slightly, at least
253 wǎn bowl, small dish
254 thirsty, parched; yearn, pine
255 bǎo eat heartily; eat one's fill
256 tián sweet, sweetness
257 ǎi short, dwarf; low
258 trousers, pants
259 shān shirt; robe; gown; jacket
260 sǎn umbrella, parasol, parachute
261 mother/wife's sister; concubine
262 guā shave, pare off, scrape
263 gāo cakes, pastry
264 qún skirt, apron, petticoat
265 chèn underwear; inner garments
266 duàn forge metal; temper, refine
267 zǎo wash, bathe
268 beer
269 jiāo banana; plantain
270 kuài chopsticks