HSK 1 Characters

174 characters ?

The official HSK standard specifies words, not characters. This is a list of all characters contained in HSK 1 words.

# Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Words
1 de possessive, adjectival suffix
2 one; a, an; alone 点儿
3 shì indeed, yes, right; to be; demonstrative pronoun, this, that
4 no, not; un-; negative prefix 客气 ,
5 le to finish; particle of completed action
6 zài be at, in, on; consist in, rest
7 rén man; people; mankind; someone else
8 yǒu have, own, possess; exist
9 our, us, i, me, my, we
10 other, another; he, she, it
11 zhè this, the, here
12 gè, ge numerary adjunct, piece; single
13 men adjunct pronoun indicate plural
14 zhōng central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain ,
15 lái come, coming; return, returning
16 shàng top; superior, highest; go up, send up
17 big, great, vast, large, high
18 harmony, peace; peaceful, calm
19 guó nation, country, nation-state
20 shuō speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
21 shí time, season; era, age, period
22 chū go out, send out; stand; produce 租车
23 huì assemble, meet together; meeting
24 you, second person pronoun
25 duì correct, right; facing, opposed 不起
26 shēng, sheng life, living, lifetime; birth , ,
27 néng to be able; can, permitted to; ability
28 zi, zǐ offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch , ,
29 that, that one, those
30 xià under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down ,
31 nián year; new-years; person's age
32 hòu queen, empress, sovereign; (simp. for 後) behind, rear, after
33 zuò make; work; compose, write; act, perform
34 lǐ, li unit of distance; village; lane
35 jiā, jia house, home, residence; family
36 duō much, many; more than, over
37 me interrogative particle; repetition of a tune small; tender , ,
38 go away, leave, depart
39 xué learning, knowledge; school , ,
40 dōu metropolis, capital; all, the whole; elegant, refined
41 tóng same, similar; together with
42 xiàn appear, manifest, become visible
43 méi not, have not, none; drown, sink 关系 ,
44 miàn, mian face; surface; plane; side, dimension ,
45 rise, stand up; go up; begin 对不
46 kàn look, see; examine, scrutinize
47 tiān sky, heaven; god, celestial , ,
48 fēn, fèn, fen divide; small unit of time etc.
49 hǎo good, excellent, fine; well
50 xiǎo small, tiny, insignificant
51 xiē little, few; rather, somewhat
52 yàng shape, form, pattern, style 怎么
53 she, her
54 běn root, origin, source; basis
55 qián in front, forward; preceding
56 kāi open; initiate, begin, start
57 xiǎng think, speculate, plan, consider
58 desk; machine; moment
59 shí ten, tenth; complete; perfect
60 gōng labor, work; worker, laborer
61 míng bright, light, brilliant; clear
62 sān three
63 guān frontier pass; close; relation
64 diǎn dot, speck, spot; point, degree
65 gāo high, tall; lofty, elevated
66 hěn very, quite, much
67 jiàn, xiàn, jian see, observe, behold; perceive ,
68 shén file of ten soldiers; mixed, miscellaneous
69 èr two; twice
70 guǒ fruit; result ,
71 西 xi, xī west(ern); westward, occident 西
72 yuè moon; month; KangXi radical 74
73 huà speech, talk, language; dialect 打电
74 huí return, turn around; a time
75 lǎo old, aged; experienced
76 xiān first, former, previous
77 r, ér son, child; KangXi radical 10 一点 , ,
78 dōng east, eastern, eastward 西
79 shuǐ water, liquid, lotion, juice
80 míng name, rank, title, position
81 jǐ, jī small table
82 rèn recognize, know, understand
83 xì, xi system; line, link, connection 没关
84 qì, qi steam, vapor; KangXi radical 84 不客 ,
85 strike, hit, beat; fight; attack 电话
86 woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38
87 four
88 diàn electricity; electric; lightning , ,
89 shǎo, shao, shào few, less, inadequate
90 tài, tai very, too, much; big; extreme
91 zài again, twice, re-
92 zuò work, make; act
93 period of time; date; time limit
94 five; surname
95 shū book, letter, document; writings
96 tīng hear; understand; obey, comply
97 zhù reside, live at, dwell, lodge; stop
98 běi north; northern; northward
99 jué, jiào to wake up from sleep; conscious
100 shī teacher, master, specialist
101 jīn now, today, modern era
102 yuàn courtyard, yard, court; school
103 shi, shí recognize, understand, know
104 hou, hòu wait; expect; visit; greet
105 fēi fly; go quickly; dart; high
106 chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart 出租
107 fú, fu clothes; wear, dress
108 zěn what? why? how? , 么样
109 ne interrogative or emphatic final; (Cant.) this
110 jiào cry, shout; hail, greet, call
111 yǐng shadow; image, reflection; photograph
112 zì, zi letter, character, word
113 ài love, be fond of, like
114 shāng commerce, business, trade
115 qǐng ask, request; invite; please
116 shì look at, inspect, observe, see
117 jiǔ nine
118 xiě write; draw, sketch; compose
119 eight; all around, all sides
120 ma, má final interrogative particle
121 chī eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear
122 liù number six
123 cure, heal; doctor, medical ,
124 hào mark, sign; symbol; number
125 language, words; saying, expression
126 seven
127 xìng, xīng thrive, prosper, flourish
128 xīng a star, planet; any point of light
129 capital city
130 hulled or husked uncooked rice
131 guest, traveller; customer
132 you, yǒu friend, companion; fraternity
133 qián, qian money, currency, coins
134 hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal
135 zuò sit; seat; ride, travel by
136 xiào school; military field officer
137 nǎo brain
138 shuí who? whom? whose? anyone?
139 nǎ, na which? where? how?
140 like, love, enjoy; joyful thing
141 practice; flapping wings
142 huan, huān happy, pleased, glad; joy; enjoy
143 lěng cold, cool; lonely
144 hàn Chinese people; Chinese language
145 clothes, clothing; cover, skin
146 mā, ma mother, mama
147 read, study; pronounce
148 mǎi buy, purchase; bribe, persuade
149 suì year; age; harvest
150 kuài piece, lump; dollar
151 jie, jiě elder sister, young lady
152 liàng, liang bright, brilliant, radiant, light
153 péng friend, pal, acquaintance
154 xiè, xie thank; decline
155 zhōng clock; bell
156 rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173
157 fàn cooked rice; food, meal ,
158 shuì sleep, doze
159 hē, he drink; shout, call out
160 noon; 7th terrestrial branch , ,
161 diàn shop, store; inn, hotel ,
162 bà, ba father, papa
163 zhuō table, desk, stand
164 cài vegetables; dish, order; food
165 chá tea
166 gǒu dog, canis familiaris
167 bēi cup, glass
168 rent, lease; rental; tax
169 zuó yesterday; in former times, past
170 piào, piāo float, drift; tossed about
171 chair, seat
172 māo cat
173 wèi interjection to call attention
174 píng artemisia; duckweed; apple