to pick up

HSK 5 #2753


  • to pick up
  • to pick up
  • to collect
  • to gather


捡 stroke order diagram
捡 stroke order animation


拾 jiǎn shí to pick up; to gather
了芝麻丢了西瓜 jiǎn le zhī ma diū le xī guā to let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles (idiom)
到篮里就是菜 jiǎn dào lán lǐ jiù shì cài all is grist that comes to the mill (idiom)
尸 jiǎn shī (slang) to target an intoxicated person for sexual assault
骨 jiǎn gǔ bone-gathering, a custom of Fujian and Taiwan in which a son recovers the bones of his deceased father from the grave and places them in an urn for permanent storage at a different location
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